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Orlando Luxury Travel to Walt Disney World’s Pandora- the World of Avatar

October 18th, 2017

Journey to a land full of wonder when you visit Walt Disney’s all new land at Animal Kingdom, Pandora- The World of Avatar. This new addition to the park celebrates the Magic of Nature. Inspired by the James Cameron directed film Pandora, the area is breathtaking with sights and sounds straight from the movie. Guests will be in awe as they wander through mythical forests complete with glowing plants and floating mountains. Explore the culture and landscape of this exotic world!

shutterstock_151905899The Valley of Mo’ara

Make your way among the floating mountains and discover plants, unlike any other, at night watch the world come to life with light. Na’vi totems and cultural items can be viewed throughout the land.

The music of a Na’vi built drum circle can be heard and played. There are also some new Wilderness Explorers challenges to take part in and collect badges.

Avatar Flight of Passage

Don’t miss out on your chance to fly on the back of a mountain Banshee just like in the film. This is a 3D ride full of excitement, riders will fly above Pandora and take in a banshee’s eye view of this magical world. Brave riders will climb atop a banshee for one ride you won’t soon forget. Located deep in the heart of the Valley of Mo’ara. Make sure to take advantage of Disney’s Fastpass options to avoid long wait times.
Na’vi River Journey

This is a family friendly adventure down a gentle and mysterious river. The world around you come to life as you travel down river. Visitors will hope aboard a reed boat and drift passed caves, glowing plants and amazing creatures. Toward the end of the trip guests will meet a Na’vi Shaman of Songs. The Shaman demonstrates her deep connection to the world and sends positive energy into the forest through her music.

Beef burgers being served on street food stallExtra Magic

Pongu Pongu is a popular drink stand where guests can indulge in some local treats. Na’vi inspired refreshments are a wonderful way to cool off. Grab a snack like the Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Roll and enjoy exploring Pandora. Windtraders is another place serving up out of this world drinks.

The Satu’li Canteen combines food and art to deliver some beautiful dishes. Healthful dishes and familiar flavors are made with wholesome grains, vegetables and proteins!

There is nothing like this new extraordinary land, Pandora at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Bring the whole family for one incredible adventure.

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